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When should I contact my financial institution?arrow


Contact your financial institution if you:

  • Have questions about your payment.
  • Want a payoff quote.
  • Are planning to move.
  • Change insurance coverage or carriers.
Who is CULA?arrow


CULA is the lessor and the owner of your vehicle. The financial institution is the lender of your vehicle.

When should I contact CULA?arrow


Contact CULA if your:

  • Vehicle is in an accident.
  • Vehicle was stolen.
  • Lease is near lease end.

Otherwise contact your financial institution.

How do I get my Lease Payoff Amount?arrow


Contact your financial institution. CULA does not have any financial information on your lease. 

What are my lease end options and next steps?arrow


It is important that you get everything finished before your lease termination date.  You should start planning at least 3 months in advance of your termination date. Following are your options:

  • Trade – You are trading your leased vehicle for another at the dealership and the dealership is paying off your current lease.
    • Contact your Dealer and get documentation for your trade.
    • Follow-up with your financial institution to ensure your lease was paid off by the dealership.
  • Purchase – You are buying your leased vehicle from your financial institution.
    • Contact your Financial Institution to obtain your payoff amount.
    • Start this process at least 30 days before termination date.
    • There is a purchase option fee in your contract.  This will be rolled into your final payoff amount. Contact CULA if you need help finding this amount.
    • You will have no mileage penalties or wear and tear charges.
  • Return - You are returning your vehicle.
    • Contact CULA at least 3 weeks before your termination date to schedule required vehicle inspection.
    • All payments must be made prior to your termination date.
    • There is a disposition fee that in your contract.  This needs to be paid at lease end.  Contact CULA if you need help finding this amount.
    • When you are finished driving the vehicle. CULA can pick up the car at your home. Before arranging transport, you must be finished driving the car and need to provide CULA with the final odometer reading.  Transport can take up to 2 weeks; please keep the vehicle in a safe place between the time you are finished driving it and the car is picked up.
At lease end, when can I drop insurance from the vehicle?arrow


When CULA has accepted delivery of the vehicle, you can drop your insurance coverage. CULA cannot accept delivery of your vehicle until all payments have been completed with the financial institution. If you or a dealer buys the vehicle, you can drop insurance when the title changes.

Can I get a lease extension?arrow


This is dependent on your Financial Institution and your termination date.  A lease extension can only be requested within 90 days of your scheduled termination date.  For more information, contact CULA.

Can I have different brand tires when I turn in the vehicle?arrow


If you have mismatched tires, you will be charged a fee at lease end.  This will be noted in your inspection report.

Can I put personalized plates are my leased vehicle?arrow


Contact CULA and request a "Personalized Plate, Lessor Consent" letter.   This will authorize you to have personalized plates.

Can I take my leased vehicle outside of the United States?arrow


Your leased vehicle cannot be taken to Mexico at any time, not even if you purchase additional insurance. Your leased vehicle may only be taken to Canada if you receive written authorization from CULA in advance, and acquire the appropriate insurance.

Can I transfer my lease to a friend or family member? arrow


Contact CULA to find to find out if your financial institution allows this.  If allowed, a customer service representative will provide you the next steps.

Can I turn in my vehicle in a state the plates are not registered in? arrow


All vehicles should be registered in the state CULA will pick the vehicle up from.  If you need to have your vehicle picked up in a different state, contact CULA to see if special pickup can be arranged.  Be prepared to provide the following information.

  • Are the plates current or expired?
  • If the plates are expired, do you owe fees?
Can you waive the disposition fee/turn in fee?arrow


The disposition fee and purchase option fee cannot be waived as they are contractual fees that are agreed upon at signing.

Do I need to go with the same dealership to purchase or trade in the vehicle? arrow


No.  You can go to any dealer to purchase or trade in the vehicle.

Does the warranty extend when the lease is extended? arrow


The warranty is not associated with an extension. Warranties normally have a specific expiration date, and this does not always match the lease termination date.   Warranties expire on a specific expiration date or at a certain mileage on the car, whichever comes first.

If you want to know when your warranty ends, contact the dealership where you leased the vehicle.  

How do I get my inspection results?arrow


CULA will email or call you with the inspection results.  If your email address or phone number have changed since your lease started, please contact CULA with the updated information.

How do I know if the Lemon Law applies to my vehicle?arrow


You will need to look up the Lemon Law requirements in your state to see if you qualify. Your state website will usually have details.  

How do I make my payments? arrow


Contact your financial institution.  A representative will be able to tell you options for making payments.

How do I pay my ticket, toll, and/or violation? arrow


You can pay by plate online, over the phone, or send a check or money order with the coupon portion of the bill directly to the billing entity.

CULA does not accept any payments. Please keep in mind the vehicle is registered to CULA (C.U. Leasing Corp.) so you will want to input owner’s information as seen on the registration. 

How do I sign and return the extension letter? arrow


Send the letter to CULA via email at the email address above; this is the quickest and preferred method.  You can also sign and return via postal mail or fax.

How do I sign up for electronic payments?arrow


Contact your financial institution.  A representative will be able to tell you how to make electronic payments.

How many payments do I have left? arrow


Contact your financial institution.  They have the most recent information. 

How soon do I need to sign and return the extension letter? arrow


An extension letter needs to be signed and returned immediately to ensure the lease is extended before the termination date.  If the letter is not returned within 10 days, the extension request will be removed.  CULA will make 3 attempts to received the letter from you after an extension has be requested.  It is up to you, the lessee, to confirm the letter has been received and the lease has been extended.

I am in the miliary and got orders move overseas. What do I do with my leased vehicle?arrow


Contact CULA with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Lease Number
  • Your phone number and email address.

CULA will contact your financial institution to find out if you are eligible for the SCRA program.  A customer service representative will contact you with information on what to do next. 

I am moving. What do I do?arrow


Contact your Credit Union / Financial Institution before you move. Not every state is licensed for a CULA lease. Plus, moving to a new tax district even in the same state can impact your lease.

I have received a ticket, toll, and/or violation and my lease is terminated. What do I do?arrow


It could be that the registration is still showing CULA as the registered owner of the vehicle.  You need to cancel the registration.

You will need CULA FID#: 330387216 to cancel the registration online. Once cancelled, please send a copy of the registration cancellation receipt or new registration to processing@cula.com.

If you transferred your registration, it may be that the occurrence date was before your lease terminated or the billing entity is behind in processing bills and the date of occurrence was during the time that the vehicle was still registered to CULA. You will still need to remit payment to the billing entity.  

I have received a ticket, toll, and/or violation. What do i do? arrow


Pay the bill directly to the billing entity on or before the due date to avoid additional fees.  

All tickets, tolls, and violations are the contractual responsibility of the lessee.

I live in Massachusetts and received an excise bill for a leased vehicle that was terminated a long time ago. What do I do?arrow


Cancel your registration/plates (if not previously cancelled), pay the bill, and wait for the refund. In order to cancel the plates online, you will need CULA FID#: 330387216.

Send a copy of the cancellation receipt to processing@cula.com and CULA will file an abatement for you. You do not have to return the plates to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), just bend and discard. 

If you transferred the plates to another vehicle, send a copy of the new registration to processing@cula.com.  

When you contact CULA, include your home address.  We need to know where to send refunds in case you are eligible to receive a partial refund on previously paid excise tax.

I live in Massachusetts and received an excise bill from the wrong town. How do I pay the correct town? arrow


Pay the bill that you have in your possession and you, or your insurance company can contact the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and change the “Garaging” code.  You will receive a bill from the correct town for the remainder of the lease. 

I live in Massachusetts. Do I pay the excise tax or does my Financial Institution?arrow


It is your contractual obligation to pay the Excise tax for your leased vehicle.  Pay the excise tax directly to the town that issued the bill.  When CULA receives an excise tax bill, the bill will be forwarded to you.  

I need a copy of my title to give to Carvanna/Carmax so they can purchase my vehicle. What do I do?arrow


If you are purchasing a vehicle from them when you sell your leased vehicle, this is considered a Trade.  The title will come from your financial institution  because they are the lien holders to the vehicle.

You cannot sell your leased vehicle to a third party, aka Carvanna/Carmax, unless you purchase the vehicle first.  Once the vehicle purchase is complete, you can sell to any party.   

I purchased my leased vehicle and need a signed odometer disclosure statement. What do i do? arrow


CULA can sign the odometer disclosure statement after the purchased vehicle has been terminated.

If your vehicle has been terminated, email a completed Odometer Disclosure Statement along with a picture of the odometer.  

CULA will email you back a signed odometer disclosure statement.

I was in an accident. What do I do?arrow


If the vehicle will be repaired, send any repair orders and invoices to turnin@cula.com.  If aftermarket parts will be used because that is all that is available, contact CULA to let them know.  Aftermarket paint cannot be used.  The vehicle must be painted with manufacturer's paint. 

I went over my mileage. Can you waive the mileage overage and penalty charges?arrow


Unfortunately, we cannot waive the mileage overage and penalty charges. Mileage overage and penalty charges are listed in your contract. 

My lease is terminated. How do I get a bill of sale for my vehicle?arrow


Contact your financial institution to get a copy of the Bill of Sale. If you have a Bill of Sale from your financial institution and your DMV will not accept it contact CULA via email or phone to request a Bill of Sale that your DMV will accept.

CULA will need the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Lease Number
  • Your phone number and email address.
  • The state where you are submitting the Bill of Sale.
My registration has expired. What do i do? arrow


Go to your local Motor Vehicles office or online to renew your registration. If you are a AAA member, you can process your transaction through them. 

All aspects of the registration are the contractual responsibility of the lessee. 

My vehicle is in the shop for repairs and my lease will expire before the repairs are complete. What do I do? arrow


Email CULA at turnin@cula.com with the following:

  • Name of body shop.
  • Phone number of body shop.
  • Best phone number to reach you.
  • Repair receipt that shows estimated time of completion
  • What damage you are having repaired.

CULA will send an email on your behalf to your financial institution advising them the car is in the shop.  Either CULA or your financial institution will follow up.  

The lessee for the vehicles is deceased and there is no co-lessee. What do I do? arrow


Contact CULA and provide the following information:

  • Contact name, phone number, email and relationship to lessee.
  • Location of the vehicle.
  • If the remaining payments will be made and what the intentions for the vehicle are.
  • Copy of the Death Certificate.
What happens if I do not need all the extension months I requested? arrow


You are only responsible for the number of months used. You will not be responsible for any unused months.

What happens to the title when my lease ends? arrow


It depends on what you choose to do when your lease ends.  Your financial institution owns the car and has the title.

If you turn in the vehicle, CULA will request the title from your financial institution.

If you purchase the vehicle, your financial institution will send you the title.

If you trade in the vehicle to the dealer, your financial institution will send the title to the Dealer when the dealer requests it.

What if my car is stolen or in an accident?arrow


Contact CULA immediately via email at claims@cula.com or via phone. We include GAP insurance with your program and will work with your insurer to maximize claim benefits. Failure to do so before repairing the vehicle could lead to higher.

What is the process for purchasing and transferring ownership of the vehicle? arrow


Your financial institution will be sending you the following documents for purchase:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Original Title
  • Power of Attorney authorizing your financial institution to act on behalf of CULA.

To complete the transfer of registration/ownership of the vehicle from CULA to your name, please bring these documents to your Registry of Motor Vehicles, DMV office, town hall, or local tag office immediately to be processed.  

Most states require the transfer of registration/ownership to be done within a specific period. Please check with your local Registry of Motor Vehicles, DMV office, town hall, or local tag office to confirm the time frame. 

Where do I make my payments? arrow


Contact your financial institution for information about making payments. 

Where is the title for the vehcile I purchased or traded in?arrow


Contact your financial institution to request the title.  As the lien holder of your leased vehicle, your financial institution is responsible for the title.  

Who is LTS and why did they send me a letter?arrow


LTS Insurance Tracking is a 3rd party partner that monitors our leased vehicles have insurance. LTS sends letters to our lessees for insurance verification purposes. 

Please send your insurance information to LTS via one of the options below:

  • Postal Mail - Insurance Service Center, PO Box 5975, Timonium, MD 21094
  • Fax -  (267) 295-6099
Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?arrow


As the lessee, you are responsible for all dealer recommended maintenance as well as any repairs beyond normal wear and tear. Your lease contract has additional details.

Who is responsible for paying property taxes on my leased vehicle?arrow


As the lessee, you are responsible for taxes and other government fees (i.e. parking tickets, registration, excise, etc.)

Why are there additional fees on my ticket, toll and/or violation?arrow


For tolls plus parking citations, the initial notice received by CULA is already considered delinquent and may have fees already assessed. 

CULA is unable to waive or reimburse any fees from the billing entity.  

Why has my vehicle not been picked up? arrow


Vehicle pickup can take 10-14 business days.  If it has been more than 14 since your request, contact CULA to receive a status update. 

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