Lessee Portal


Below are our helpful lease brochures.

Welcome Brochure – Understanding your Consumer Vehicle Lease (PDF)

This brochure describes in detail, important information regarding your consumer lease with CULA. It includes Commonly Asked Questions, a detailed explanation of each section of the lease agreement, insurance requirements, vehicle maintenance, excessive wear & use, and what to expect at lease end.

Lease End Brochure (PDF)

This brochure has been designed to help you identify your lease-end options and guide you through the decisions you will be making and the action items that will result from those choices.

Wear and Tear Template (PDF)

This is a template that describes what wear and tear charges may be applicable on your vehicle. This template will answer many of your wear and tear questions.

Vehicle Turn-In Receipt and Odometer Disclosure Statement (PDF)

Your vehicle is not considered turned in until we have received a signed copy of this document from you. The document must have the final odometer reading of your vehicle at the time of turn in. It is recommended that you have the individual receiving the vehicle sign the form and include his or her contact information. Complete disclosure form and email to turnin@cula.com (scan or picture is acceptable) with “Vehicle Turn in Receipt” in the subject line. Or fax it to us at 619-516-3910.